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DiscountPDH is the number #1 leader in online
Continuing Education
for Professional P.E.
Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors, Contractors, Geologists, Landscape
Architects, Home and building Inspectors and Interior Home Designers for
obtaining their PDH or CE Continuing Education Course credit requirements for
their license renewal.

DiscountPDH is also the leader in providing
Live PDH and CE Continuing Education Seminars and
Live Engineering PDH
for obtaining PDH and CE credit hours
for Professional P.E. Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical
Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Architects, Land
Surveyors, Contractors, Geologists, Landscape Architects, Home and building
Inspectors and Interior Home Designers for obtaining their PDH or CE Continuing
Education Course credit requirements for their license renewal.

Our Online PDH Courses are in compliance
with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)
Guidelines and all State Boards of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Our PDH Courses are accepted by Engineering Boards Nationwide.
Every State that requires Pre-approval for the PDH courses has Pre-approved us
as a PDH Course
. We are registered under our main company, Failure
& Damage Analysis Inc. and we are a State Board of Engineers approved PDH
course provider.

State has different PDH or CE rules and different number of PDH or CE courses
requirement that the licensees must study and complete before renewing their
Professional Engineering License. We provide technical online PDH Courses, in
building design, ADA compliance, Architecture, building material, building
security, environmental safety and hazard, coastal construction, energy
conservation, flood zone design and construction, building design and
construction, historical building, indoor air quality, mold remediation, LEED
related PDH Courses, Business Skills, Ohio timed and monitored online PDH
courses, live PDH webinars for New York PE Engineers, Iowa PE engineers, Ohio
PE engineers, Wisconsin PE engineers, Illinois structural engineers,  Nebraska PE engineers, Live PDH seminar for
all PE engineers in general, OSHA related courses. We provide online PDH
courses in plumbing, pipes, pipelines, roads, bridges, commercial building,
residential building, foundations, soil mechanics, engineering failure
analysis, geotechnical, oil and gas, petrochemical, fracking, drilling for oil,
natural gas and hydrocarbons, business management, team leadership, management
at work place, renewable energy, solar energy, transportation, land surveying,
contract agreement, wastewater management, hydrology and hydraulics,
development planning for urban and rural area, engineering disasters,
environmental catastrophes, storm water and runoffs, circuit design, network
systems, control valves, industrial valves and compressors, concrete,
construction, fibre optics, circuit design, digital design, computer design,
electronics, transistors, generators, compressors, motors, power generators and
distribution, air pollution, site remediation, spill containment and
contamination, water supply, dams, water channels and aqueducts, water
treatment distribution, site design and storm runoff, building envelope,
platform-framed housing construction, structural systems for load bearing,
engineering and technology worldwide, house as an engineered system,  power generation from coal, oil and gas,
nuclear power, renewable sources for electricity, the grid, electric power
distribution, everyday thermodynamics, HVAC, home energy efficiency, global
telecommunication network, cellular technology, solar energy homes, satellite communications,
internal combustion engines, torque, power transmission, drivetrain,
suspension, steering, breaking, highway engineering design, traffic
engineering, bridges, tunnels, railroad, solid waste disposal, engineering for
sustainability, piles, retaining walls, fire safety, design against terrorist
attack, HVAC design and maintenance, coatings, cathodic protections,
corrosions, lubrication, material properties, metals, temperature, pressure,
LiDAR technology, welding, air compressor, chemical process, hydraulic control,
machine design, piping design and system, turbines, steam generators, power
plants, refineries, pipelines, storage tanks, quality assurance,  alternative fuel, fuel from algae, energy  efficiency, pile design, earthquake design,
hurricane residential design, protecting against floods, seismic design,
pavement and hot asphalt road and designs, waterways, conduits, culverts, water
channels, watersheds, trenching, rain garden, urban soil, drainage, modular
buildings, green building codes, green neighbourhoods and planning,  guide to ADA, gravel road, digital design
circuits, surveying, and many other technical PDH courses, including Ethics and
Laws in general for Engineers, Architects, Land surveyors, Contractors,
Landscape Architects, Home and building Inspectors, and Interior designers.

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